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The ladies club began in 2012 Started up with a committee of Carol McNicholas – Chairperson, Amanda O’Reilly – Secretary, Stevie Keane – Club Treasurer.

2012 saw the ladies make it to the first Junior championship final, but narrowly defeated. This start proved that the ladies team in such a great club had the potential to be a great success. Management was Dan Freil, Jim Rice, Ricky Williamson

2013 was taken on by Conor Connely as manager in 2014 Conor Connely was joined by Shaun Campbell
2015 saw the ladies make it to the Junior Championship final against Dulwich Harps, narrowly missing out on a win under the management of Conor Connely.
2016 the ladies took their first Junior Championship cup. After a defeat over now proven rivals Dulwich Harps, the girls lifted the cup in Greenford on 2nd July. The ladies were unsuccessful at all Britain level after suffering defeat in Round 1 against Glasgow Gaels.

2017 started with a promotion to intermediate with a management team of Eddie Doyle and Marco Persano The ladies suffered a loss of some key players returning home to Ireland & having babies including Leanne Sweeney (Donegal) Ciara O’Brien (Cavan) Janine Devins (Fermanagh) Breeda Kennedy (Cork) Mel Mc Andrais (Mayo) and Anne O’Driscoll (Donegal). Unfortunately, the ladies were demoted at the end of the season back down to Junior for 2018. Committee Members for 2017 were Shirrin Travers – Chairperson, Charlotte McEleney – Secretary, Niamh Treacy - Treasurer

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